Hazard - The Journey Of Life

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A first-person philosophical puzzle


  • Looks cool
  • Simple controls
  • Unusual concept
  • Genuine puzzles


  • Some puzzles are frustrating
  • No help when you get stuck


Hazard - The Journey Of Life is a first-person game with no shooting! There is also no one to kill, making this a really unusual 3D adventure!

Hazard - The Journey Of Life is presented in really bold, smooth graphics which are not realistic, but very futuristic looking. It's like an even more stylized version of Valve's Portal, and the strange, tense atmosphere is also similar. However, in Hazard - The Journey Of Life, there doesn't seem to be an evil robot controlling your progress, even if the puzzles are difficult.

Messages, sometimes with clues, are posted on walls as you move around and you have a base from where you can access all the areas you have discovered. There's no explicit story or point to the game, beyond the philosophical questions it asks you along the way.

This approach is the main strength and weakness of Hazard - The Journey Of Life. Not everyone will be able to work out the puzzles from their clues, because they require a certain way of thinking. If you're stuck, there's nothing you can do. The use of mainly white corridors sometimes makes it difficult to remember where you are in the game, even if you can return to the main hall and see the map whenever you like!

If you'd like a new 3D gaming experience, Hazard - The Journey Of Life is pretty different and will challenge your puzzle as well as your action skills.

Hazard - The Journey Of Life


Hazard - The Journey Of Life Demo

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